IMAGE: Smaug


Smaug was a huge red dragon with smoky yellow eyes that once resided in the Dungeon of Zork near the home of the Wizard of Frobozz. The caverns where the ferocious beast lived were scarred by flame and deep scratches. By 948 GUE, Princess Melithiel was held prisoner in his lair, bound by chains and burdened by a magical trance. Most of his time was drudgingly spent in boredom, with little more daily action than smoke curling from his nostrils and out between his teeth. Though incredibly dangerous, he was not maddened unless one tried to sneak past him or roused him to the point of frustration--he was rather curious and enjoyed carefully studying trespassers aware that they could do little harm to him before being incinerated in a blast of white-hot dragon fire.

In 948, the unknown adventurer who would become the Second Dungeon Master struck Smaug with the Sword of Zork. Although this did no damage, it was enough to capture his interest. When this man departed from the dragon's territory, Smaug followed, out of mingled curiosity and anger. As the dragon tracked the adventurer to the glacier room, he saw his own reflection on the icy surface. Believing there was another dragon here, behind that glass, Smaug became enraged. Dragons are smart, but sometimes naive, and this one had never seen ice before. He reared up to his full height to challenge this intruder into his territory. He roared a challenge! The intruder responded! The dragon took a deep breath, and out of his mouth poured a massive gout of flame. It washed over the ice, which melted rapidly, sending out torrents of water and a huge cloud of steam! A huge splash went down the terrified dragon's throat. There was a muffled explosion and the dragon, with a puzzled expression on his face, died and was carried away by the water. The melting of the ice revealed a passage leading west. Within a mere fifteen years, the glacier crept back into place and eventually the way west was sealed once more.

After the Princess had been rescued by the Second Dungeon Master, the dragon's lair was taken over by the terrible kimono dragon.