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The snapdragon is named after its compulsion to chomp on anything that draws within tongue's distance. These enchanted critters enliven any garden with their colorful leaves and bulbous petal structure. While snapdragons are notoriously cranky, the faithful planter should not be discouraged; proper fertilizer or plant food supplements can calm even the most fercious snapdragon.

After separation from the mother plant, snapdragons are quite fond of jumping games. One of the most enjoyable for both plant and owner is the bell ringing maneuver created in a fit of neurotic slumber by the circus performers Drial, Tamm and Teragram. The snapdragon is placed comfortably on a maturely grown spring plant. You strike the spring plant with a suitable impact device and watch those snapdragons fly! Many owners have also discovered the joy of playing fetch with their plants.

Snapdragons are affected almost instantly upon consuming a Prozork tablet, tossing them into heavy slumber.

SOURCE(S): Zork Grand Inquisitor, Legends of Zork