Sneffle, a small doughy gentleman, was the guildmaster of the Guild of Bakers in 966. This perpetual baker used magic intensely while baking, and his Enchanted Oven Mitts (these completely black ones replaced his original unflattering ones which he used to create his famous Éclairs of Creamy Death) were extra-resistant to extreme temperatures. It has been said that he was more likely to let one have his mother to barbeque than to part with his mitts.

As magic began to fail due to the interference of the Shadow of the Head of the Circle, he had a "devil of a time" staying in business. The GLOTH spell, which would fold the dought 83 times, had usually brought him profit, but with the failure, it hardly worked, and when it did, it usually folded the dought too often and the buttered melted, or it didn't come out the right size. He brought this up at the Guild, they took a vote, but no one could help him.

When the Final Conclave of enchanters met in Borphee that same year, Sneffle gave a speech detailing the failure of the GLOTH spell. Dependent on magic, he was overwhelmed by the prospect of a world where the pastries have to be handmade. The course of this discussion was interrupted when the Shadow enterred the Hall and turned everyone except his human counterpart into various amphibious creatures. Sneffle was turned into a tree toad.

Following the recovery of the Coconut of Quendor in the same year, Sneffle boarded a magical galleon with Captain Zahab, Y'Gael, Cardinal Toolbox, Grote Clutchcake, and an unknown peasant. Together they sailed high into the sky with the Coconut in hand.

In 967, the ship met a terrible fate when it was swallowed by the great flying Watchdragon of the Great Sea. While Captain Zahab escaped alive, and Y'gael met a mysterious fate, Sneffle was forced to relocate his home to the interior of the Watchdragon (the fate of the rest of the crew is uncertain). He was never one to not make the best of things. Although he lived in the throat of the dragon, and realized he could never return to his bakery, he made great pina colda.

While there was not normally a phone in his flat, the dragon eventually swallowed some sort of ship contain one, which Sneffle used to phone the current Dungeon Master, Dalboz of Gurth, for help sometime between 1048~1067 GUE. While Sneffle's final fate is unknown, he did have a run in with the famous Griff who arrived at the Watchdragon via a time tunnel (due to the uncertainity of the date in which the Griff arrived, this could place the date anywhere from 967~1067).

At that time, Sneffle, who was still residing in the throat of the dragon (and was naked), was attempting to make a pina colada, but was running short on ingredients. He needed to run to the store to pick up a coconut and thus threw a rope up to the Griff who was standing in the mouth, hoping that it would be tied to one of the dragon's teeth so he could climb up. Unfortunately for the former baker, the Griff ignored him, using the rope for his own schemes in retrieving the Coconut of Quendor from the mouth of the Watchdragon.

After his death (or eternal exile), the Guild of Bakers ran a competition and the prize was Sneffle's old oven mitts.