The Enchanted Oven Mitts where enchanted by the lengendary baker Sneffle with extra-resistance to extreme temperatures and were ideal for using magic intensely while baking. The old oven mitts enchanted by him, which were just as magically powerful, had a rather unflattering windcat motif printed on them; and due to the wild raw magic emanating from them, anything they touched turned into some sort of baking product (rocks transformed into giant chocolate chips, letters changing into pancakes, etc). The old oven mitts were used to create his famous Éclairs of Creamy Death.

Snffle was rather happy to replace his original gloves with his Enchanted Oven Mitts, which had a much more chic grue design (they were completely black). As he was a perpetual baker, it was said that Sneffle was more likely to let someone have his mother to barbeque than to part with his Enchanted Oven Mitts.

Although the whereabouts of the Enchanted Oven Mitts is unknown, the Guild of Bakers ran a competition during the beginning of the Second Age of Magic--the prize being Sneffle's old oven mitts. The competition was roughly based around the idea that the contestant needed to be both intelligent and determined to win the gloves, so they were hidden at the Cliffhouse of the White Cliffs beneath a pile of rocks resembling the shape of a muffin. There was a series of fiendishly difficult clues given, which in turned combined to give another clue, which in some obtuse way pointed to where the gloves were hidden:

Do YOU want to make apple pies that are so delicious the gods themselves will want to come around for supper? Do you want to be able to create pastry so light, delicate, and tasty that it floats away to be seduced by butterflies? Do you want to bake cookies so good that they'll come to life and march against your enemies, crushing them beneath their doughy feet and stabbing them in the eyes with sharpened chocolate chips? Well now you can, with SNEFFLE'S ENCHANTED OVEN MITTS! These have been enchanted by the great Sneffle himself, and were used to create his famous “Éclairs of Creamy Death”! All you have to do is solve these few easy clues, and you'll be well on your way to baking heaven!*

*Note: Baking heaven may or may not exist. All entrants must have reached adulthood, whatever that may be for your species. The Guild of Bakers is not responsible for any injuries which you incur during the course of this competition, nor any defects within the mitts themselves, and will not be held liable if you are sucked into dimensions unknown during the course of your baking. Any impurities introduced to your pastry while engaging in activities with butterflies are solely the responsibility of the butterflies in question. Terms and conditions apply.

Solving the riddle, a man by the alias "Detective Softly" uncovered the original oven mitts near the Cliffhouse during the Great Monster Uprising. After washing his hands, putting on his apron and preheating the mailbox to the correct temperature, he took the mitts and covered them in flour to ensure that they would not stick. He kneeded them into shape, applied a light glaze of packaging, and slipped them through the slot in the mailbox to be sent to G.U.E. Tech where the wizards there would use the gloves in baking special cookies in an attempt to ward off an intruding demon.