Snoot's Farm (low) / (high) / (art)
    Snoot's House (low) / (high) / (art)
    Snoot's Silo (lowA) / (lowB) / (high) / (art)
    Snoot's Silo (destroyed 1647) (low) / (high) / (art)
        Silo Crank (sold at hardware store) (A)
        Snoot's Carrots (A)
        Bag of Snoot's Grain (A) / (B)
        Sweepstake's Winner landing on Grain (art)
    House, Living Room (low) / (high) / (artA) / (artB)
    House, Bathroom (low) / (high) / (art)
    House, Bathroom Door (low) / (high)
    House, Kitchen (low) / (high) / (artA) / (artB)
         Kitchen Fridge
         Kitchen Oven
         Kitchen Oven (destroyed 1647)
         Thermozz used by Snoot (A)
    Snoot's Bedroom (A) / (B) / (art)
    Rebecca's bedroom (low) / (high) / (art)
    Rebecca's dresser (A) / (art1) / (art2)
    Snoot's cow (at Pugney's)
    Snoot's dog, Alexis


Obediah Snoot IV (nicknamed "Phlybus"), noted collector and farmer, was said to be an ornery one. The only thing meaner than him was his dog Alexis, who was really a hellhound. Snoot collected everything he could get his hands on and that guard would guard it. The room was so packed with all kinds of junk and useless items that in the words of his daughter, Rebecca, would take "four hundred years to sort through it." He was proud of Rebecca's 1640 graduation as Suey Cum Loudly.

Snoot's Farm in the Valley of the Sparrows grew the most fabulous vegetables and grain imaginable in the early 1600s. The most famous were his giant carrots, which he stuffed an entire silo full of after harvest. In the 1620s, the curse Morphius brought to the valley caused the land to become barren, and no longer did the ground yield the beautiful crops it once did. By the 1640s, Snoot's Farm had completely vanished, and was relocated within an underground cavern. At some point, his last remaining cow was stolen (perhaps by mistake) by Angus Pugney, a nearby neighbor. Before Canuk was turned into a duck, he used to fly to the farm to visit Snoot, and tried to sell him goofy gizmos.

In 1647, the unknown Sweepstakes Winner, having obtained a crank handle, somehow managed to use it to blow up Snoot's silo, and additionally blew up his kitchen oven.