Rebecca Snoot, 1647 GUE

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     [behind the scenes]


The very brilliant, self-reliant and very shapely Rebecca Snoot, was as innocent as a Borphee congressman and always studying. Daughter of Obediah Snoot IV, she graduated Suey Cum Loudly in Jam of 1640 GUE as Ms. Mavis Peepers star pupil. Able to pick up languages "faster than a zorklitz," she continued her anthropological studies after graduation and wrote books. After experimenting with illumynite, she filed a patent and copyright for her Illumynite Nail Polish and Lipstick. She also was highly interested in archery (pictures of her feats adorned her bedroom walls), slings, and nature.

In the 1640s, she continued to live with her father on his farm, in a less than feminine bedroom (but definitely not a lumberjack's); very few items revealed her feminine aspects, but they were there. When the curse of Morphius began to drawn buildings from the surface into the Great Underground Empire, her home and family were not spared. This forced her to  become a strong-willed woman, not by choice, but because most of the men in the Valley were either wimps or too old to rebel against the intruding force that was threatening the region; and through this independence, this tough woman inherited her father's quick temper. But in reality, she was a soft and caring indvidual, who only needed the right hero to bring it out.

In her dreams, the dreaded evil Morphius continued to introduce itself to her. And she soon came to realize that the evil force was able to easily detect and monitor the entire valley. Any rebellious person was instantly abducted by the vultures and turned into a statue. Catching onto this fact, she was careful not to wind up like the others.

Rebecca always fed her cow Moodonna carrots so she would see better in the dark. Once the milk-maker escaped and tore up Witch Itah's vegetable garden, but only consumed the carrots. Later (about a month prior to the defeat of Morphius), the old barn suddenly burst into flames which destroyed it (caused by Morphius' Dead Zones). For awhile the remains of the Moodonna could not be found, and she assumed that the vulture had gotten her, but later it somehow came into the possession of Angus Pugney, a nearby neighbor, who tended it as his own.

Knowing that Morphius' minions could be anywhere, as the days grew more evil, Rebecca decided that she needed to quiz all strangers to determine whether or not they were on her side. By using selected trivia from Zorkian history, she was somehow able to quickly tell if the suspect meant her good or ill-fortune.

In 1647 GUE, the Sweepstakes Winner, was one of these who were tested. On that day (or maybe a couple prior) Rebecca's father had gone missing and, unknown to her, was turned into a statue (in fact, the Sweepstakes Winner had met him just prior to his petrification incident). At the very time Rebecca was making preparations to go out and find him, that Sweepstakes Winner stealthy entered the Snoot residence by slipping through an open window, and encountered the anthropologist in her own bathroom. With a single punch, she knocked the intruder unconscious. After changing her clothing, she kept the man at gunpoint until consciousness returned. From there she proceeded to ask the intruder her question. Once it was correctly answered, she was befriended and granted permission that anything within the house could be taken.

Over time, Rebecca continued to aid this adventurer whenever he was lost or confused by gathering information for him and even translating one of four jokes, which would be essential in the recovery of the six pieces of the last Flying Disc of Frobozz. But attempting to elude detection by Morphius, most of her newfound information was transmitted to the adventurer cloaked in riddles or in vague communications. Although she never directly accompanied the adventurer (being a tough cookie she rather insist she could do it on her own), this was, in fact, the hero who was finally able to rekindle her tender side that had been lost through all the desolation.

While that nameless Sweepstakes Winner raided the Citadel of Zork, Rebecca, despite all her caution, was captured, turned to stone, and set on display in Morphius' research laboratory along with the others. Upon his defeat, Rebecca was freed from her stone prison. Having fostered romantic interest for one another during the course of their explorations, the Sweepstakes Winner and Rebecca Snoot became a couple following the conclusion of these events; it is unknown if their relationship ever consummated in marriage.

During the 1640s, Rebecca was in the process of authoring a book called "Zork: The Return of Evil," which when released after 1647, was a companion book to "The Rise and Fall of Zork." Her book was on sale for a mere two zorkmids. In this book, she went to great lengths to prove that Belboz, far from being either a drooling idiot or a vegetable, was in fact still in full possession of his faculties by 966, and furthermore that he played a crucial role in the building of a sculpture garden to the six Ancient Muses of the Arts.