The legendary Spear of Zoz was created during the time of Bozbik the Face Breaker's grandfather. Zoz paid handsomely to have oracular divinations woven into the spear so that whoever used it against any of that bloodline would be at a strong historical advantage. It is unknown whether or not the spear would ensure victory, or if it would just make it much, much more likely. Somehow the spear was lost to history shortly after its creation. Meanwhile, Gnibel, a mage skilled with divinations who was an enemy of Bozbik's father, invested a great amount of time and resources into the creation of a set of Dice that were designed to always guide their user to the location of the Spear of Zoz.

Oldric the Pirate, Beldric the Enchanter, and Tandric the Trapwright manipulated "Detective Softly" during the Great Monster Uprising, not only to recover the Dice of Gnibel, but to locate the Spear of Zoz, which was entrenched in Fenshire mud. Prior to the retrieval of the Spear, Bozbik himself recovered the relic and planned to place it in his soon-to-open Museum of Face Breaking. Oldric, Beldric, and Tandric later met up with Bozbik at the Miznia Marshlands where they assaulted him and snatched the Spear off his back. "Softly" and Bozbik tracked down the trio at the Fields of Frotzen, captured them, and recovered the Spear of Zoz. Although Bozbik knew that the Spear may be used against him in the arena, he gifted it to "Softly" in exchange for the assistance.

The Spear of Zoz was appraised for Zm750,000 during the zorkmid inflation of the Great Monster Uprising.