The beautiful and purple white spiderflowers are lovely and graceful to watch as they loft on the breeze, with random currents of air ruffling the velvet blooms and setting long silver tendrils streaming and undulating. Beautiful, yes, but also deadly. For the delicated silver tendrils of this carnivorous plant elongate rapidly, weaving an elaborate web pattern to anchor themselves from the wind. The dark violet petals at once begin to exude a sweet, sticky dew that is both a lure and venom, that glistens and gives off an overwhelming honey-like odor. The air around a single plant at once is usually abuzz with insects hurrying to their doom. Together, the spiderflowers reach out with their tendrils, linking and interweaving with one another, forming a growing web. A colony of these venomous flowers has been known to trap and kill entire herds of oxen. Men are easy prey.

The only known location of these flowers is within the depths of the Miznian Jungle.

SOURCE(S): Enchanter (novel)