Stung was a balladeer as famous for his original songs as for reworkings of such GUE classics such as "Quendor Pie" and "Where Have All the Dungeon Masters Gone?" Quelbees unaccountably loved his voice beyond all others, and would produce extra honey when he was in the area. This may account for his nickname, and for his 'Spring Tours' which regularly required his fans to trudge through sunlit barley fields & apple orchards.

Lyrics to an unknown song by Stung:

You'll send a curse on me when the west wind moves
Upon the Fields of Frotzen
You'll forget the time we ate Quendor pie
As we waltzed through fields of gold
I never forget my shovel…
Or where I left my helmet off..
But I swear in the days still left to steal some Quelbee gold…

While it is uncertain when exactly Stung lived, his songs have been found to be in circulation during the Second Age of Magic.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork