The Sunless Grotto deep underground in the Eastlands, is a land of peace and plenty, of gloom perhaps, but also of gentle warmth. The Sunless Grotto is connected to the Great Underground Empire through both the Sacred River as well as through certain narrow, water-filled passages.

The Sunless Grotto procured strict rules, such as the prohibition of littering. There were stiff fines, jail terms, and rehabilitation dungeons to deal with litterers and every other sort of scofflaw.

In the tenth century, there were no wandering trolls or grues or zombies. There was only one monster in all the kingdom—Smorma, whose acquaintance would only be made if one worked hard at it, for that anemone must be sought out at the bottom of the Grotto itself, where it guarded a great treasure. Following the defeat of Morgrom, Mirakles slew this ravenous anemone, thus setting the kingdom free from all monster influence. He also claimed the treasure.
King Hyperenor with his wife Desiphae ruled the kingdom for a time in the tenth century, until succeeded by Mirakles of the Elastic Tendon and his wife Melithiel. Some duties of the king included ruling the people wisely and showing up for strawberry festivals.

It has been said, that the most wisest of those in the Sunless Grotto once argued about the existence of the Control Character.