Moodock's Survivor Board, 1647 GUE

     Survivor Diagram for Rules (A)
     Morphius' Survivor Board, 1647 (A) / (B) / (C)


Survivor (less commonly known as Entrapment) was made in honor of the Wizard Trembyle and the Mage Canuk, the only two survivors of the First Great Diffusion. It is a game of strategy involving two players using pieces in the guise of Trembyle and Canuk upon a board of 16 squares.

The Wizard piece always goes first, playing a compound move comprised of one straight and one diagonal move each turn (the same more is incorporated by the knight piece in chess) and must not extend beyond the playing board. Whenever the Wizard piece vacates a square on the playing board, that square caves in and forms a pit.

The Canuk piece can move to any unoccupied square on the board to block the Wizard piece's movement.

For the Wizard to win, all the squares must be turned into pits except the one he will be occupying. For Canuk to win, he must force the Wizard to have no other move than to move into a pit.

An advanced rule to the game, is that the Wizard piece may pass on any turn.

It is known that the evil Morphius had a life-sized Survivor board within his citadel, where he used the real Trembyle and Canuk, who had been turned to stone, as game pieces. This was destroyed along with the rest of the citadel in 1647 GUE.

SOURCE(S): Return to Zork (game, design documents)