Bivotar & Juranda find sword
    Bivotar & Juranda find sword
    defeating a troll with sword
    Blacksmith takes the sword (1647)
    Holy Woman blesses sword (1647)
    Sword of Zork, Rusty (1647)
    Sword of Zork, Polished (1647)
    Sword of Zork, Glowing (1647)

The most famous of many elfin swords, known widely as the Sword of Zork, but has also been referred to as both Glamdring and Orcrist. Like any other elfin sword, the blade glowed blue when near the presence of danger (the brighter the glow, the closer the danger), but the powerful Sword of Zork infected its wielder with a powerful inspiring energy that propelled them to do battle against a foe, as if it were making the decision to enter combat apart from the will of the wielder. Regardless of its condition, the sword is unbreakable. This bejeweled sword is also renowned because of its many historical journeys, including the defeat of many trolls.

For many generations, this fabled sword had been thought to have been lost, until Bivotar and Juranda found the ancient blade of elvish workmanship after their escape from the 200 year imprisonment by Krill, shortly after the fall of the Empire in 883 GUE. On a quest to bring the blade to Syovar the Strong, Bivotar wielded it to dispatched a troll in the Dungeon of Zork. Once in the hands of King Syovar, the potent blade was plunged into the heart of Krill and made have been the only one capable of defeating the evil warlock. Following the victorious battle, the Sword of Zork was set on hooks about the trophy case in the White House, which was owned by Lord Ellron in those days.

In 948 GUE, this sword was taken from the White House and wielded by the Second Dungeon Master as he descended into the depths of the Dungeon of Zork to gain the title. Along the way the blade was used to dispatch another troll, and to engage in a combat of trial against the First Dungeon Master.

After being passed down from generations of simple peasants and adventurers for centuries, Moadikum Moodock of East Shanbar gained possession of the sword in the early 1600s. During those days the sword was said to have been blessed in every generation by the Holy Woman of Bel Naire. The dwarven miners claimed the legendary sword as their own even though it was formally owned by the elves, even renaming it the Dwarven Sword of Zork.

In 1647 GUE, when Moadikum relinquished the Sword of Zork to the unknown Sweepstakes Winner, it was in a terrible rusty condition. This human had the sword refined by the Shanbar blacksmith and used it for many purposes on the quest to defeat Morphius, including the sundering of a boar statue to regain a piece of the Flying Disc of Frobozz, striking zorkmid trees, prying magnets, cutting giant spider webs, and dispatching an entire clan of trolls. The Sweepstakes Winner also brought the blade to the Holy Woman of Bel Naire for a blessing, which once blessed, caught the eyes of the dwarves of whose aid was essential against Morphius.