Lord Syovar III, also known as Vice Regent, succeeded Syovar II in 997 GUE and ruled the Fallen Empire for 50 years until his death in 1047. He was the recognized leader of the Theocracy of Quendor and most likely the Chairman of the Frobozz Magic Company during the time of his reign.

When the Second Inquisition first began (sometime between circa 1000~1033), Syovar III was in favor of Mir Yannick's proposed (and rather extreme) methods, believing him when he preached magic as the harbinger of social anarchy and political unrest. He did not complain when the anti-magic propaganda had gone up, nor when the propaganda P.A. system was installed. In fact, Mir even used his influence with the Grand Inquisitior to manipulate Syovar III into issuing a full pardon for the embezzler Undersecretary Wartle. Yet, when Mir began the magic trials, the Vice Regent grew suddenly strangely populist. Syovar III sided with his people over the Council of the Generals. As Mir was reaching the height of his power, the two argued over what change in policy needed to be driven by the alleged return of magic. In response, the Council approved removal of the Vice Regent himself, although it would be several years before anything could be done in regards to this dilemma.

Despite the efforts of Syovar III, Mir Yannick used the Totemizer to imprison magic creatures, and in 1047, assumed the title of Grand Inquisitor after allegedly murdering the former. Accepting advice from the Dungeon Master, who told the Vice Regent of the impending reemergence of magic, Syovar III began making efforts to end the Inquisition.

In 1048, Syovar III made a visit to the Grand Inquisitor's office at the Steppinthrax Monastery. It was here that Mir murdered the Vice Regent by neatly clefting his head in twain with the lethal Maidenhead. Dalboz of Gurth was the originally the only witness to the assassination, until he was defeated by the Grand Inquisitior. Because of this, Mir circulated a report of the incident, stating that Syovar III had accidentally stranged himself. With the Vice Regent out of the way, Mir soon became the recognized leader of the Theocracy of Quendor and the Chairman of the Frobozz Magic Company.

Although Mir Yannick believed that no other knew of his deeds, Dalboz sent a vision to Lucy Flathead of a few harsh stills of the death of Syovar III. She made her way to the Magistrate, and took her own deposition of the murder, sealing it in a file at the Magistrate’s Office. She gave it to the Magistrate, and panicking left Port Foozle. As Yannick was the only remaining authority that held the temporary government of the Empire ttogether, this had little to no effect.

Brog was once part of Syovar III's honor guard.