Tele-Orb (A1) / (A2) / (art)
  Tele-Orb brought from future to 949 GUE


Tele-Orbs were telepathic devices developed by IT&L in the 1640s. These orbs, fashioned from ancient crystals, were designed to run on the newly invented illumynite batteries. Canuk designed the interface between the batteries and the orbs. While he succeeded in making the device that worked with the Tele-Orb, his personality was changing under the influence of the evil Morphius and the partnership with Rooper, Trembyle, and Moodock became strained. It was the further disappearances in Shanbar that finally pushed them all apart. The bugs of the Tele-Orbs were never worked out by the time the partnership folded. The unfinished prototypes could only receive but were unable to send.

Rooper included one Tele-Orb with each of his Sweepstakes Winner letters which were sent out in 1647 GUE. The nameless Sweepstakes Winner who would defeat Morphius not only conversed with Trembyle through this device, but also used it as a component to reforge a Flying Disc of Frobozz by focusing lightningthrough it.

It may also be of interest to note that Lucien Kaine, using the hourglass in the Temple of Agrippa, went into the future and returned to the tenth century GUE with one of these Tele-Orbs in his possession. This particular orb was destroyed along with the rest of the temple in 949 GUE.