The Temple of the Zizbits stood on top of an immense plateau towering out of the city of Pheebor. A grand staircase snaked its way up the plateau. While the city was sacked and ruined in 396 BE, the mysterious Zizbit cult guarded their temple with a protective spell. Although legends told of fabulous wealth contained within, the only object they sought to preserve within was their legendary oracle, a glowing pool set into the stone floor of the temple. This magic reflecting pool would answer any question.

In the mid-tenth century (957-966 GUE), Moog stole one of the Zizbit spellbooks. Incanting the Protective Circle Undo spell found within its pages, she was able to gain access to the temple and its oracle. The use of this oracle was essential to the completion of the prophecy of the Triax.

It should also be noted that some spirits of the Zizbits still resided within the temple during the time of the Triax, over a thousand years after the wizards had been killed. As apparitions, they seemed to have been powerless to prevent Moog from fulfilling the prophecy.