General Thaddeus Kaine founded at least two Thaddeus Research Facilities in the Eastlands, one of which was located within Fenshire.

The first two these were destroyed during the second quarter of the tenth century due to mishaps during experimentations with Thaddium. Thaddeus Research Facility #2 took much of the idyllic village of Stonehead with it when hundreds were killed in the mysterious explosion on the morning of Arch 7, 944 GUE. Company officials denied any connection between the company and the blast, saying, “as you know, it’s been several centuries since we sacrificed a virgin to the fire-gods. We were due for this one.” Critics on the other hand, pointed to the smoking remnants of Facility #1 and the strange mineral thaddium, which eyewitnesses claimed to have seen smuggled in under the cover of night.

General Kaine wrote about the possible cause for the destruction of at least one of the facilities:

…temperature at which you attempt to cast metal. Casting at too cool of a temperature is useless. Casting with too intense of heat and have fatal results, of which proof is my recently destroyed laboratory in Fenshire.