Radioactive Thaddium formed
into a cylinder (above)

 Thaddium in Lead Container (A) / (B) / (C)

     Thaddium Elemental Diverter (A) / (B)

     Thaddium Explosion
     Age of Kaine Painting

The radioactive Thaddium, the lethal zirradiated ore, was created and refined by Thaddeus Kaine in the first half of the tenth century. Usually formed into a pocket-sized glowing metal cylinder, this dangerous mineral must be shielded by lead (either in a special container or in a Thaddium Elemental Diverter (TED)). If exposed to air, Thaddium particles begin to immediately disintergrate. Without containment, all life forms within a radius of five miles will be consumed by fire moments after their blood begins to boil from intense microwave exposure.

The Thaddium Elemental Diverter (TED) is a cylindrical lead transformer shaped like a portable electric screwdriver. Combining Thaddium with the TED creates a power source. Kaine invented a battle tank that ran on Thaddium when a TED was placed into its Power Transducer Unit. As many of Kaine's inventions were prototypes, the TED upset the battle tank from time to time by producing a Thaddium energy spike which was required to be released immediately. This buildup was released through the tank's barrel.