Radnor (left) & Thorman (right)


Thorman the Red-beard was a powerful magician, to whom belonged the Amulet of Egreth. Both Frobwit the Fair and Radnor had hoped, upon graduating, to become apprentice to this fine magicians. But Radnor, being more clever than Frobwit, convinced Thorman to take him instead.

Thorman’s only daughter and son-in-law gave birth to a daughter named Lia. When the two of them were killed, he was weakened by grief. Thorman never knew that Radnor had caused their deaths. Lia, orphaned, was sent to live with her cousins the Northlands. As his dying gesture, the mighty Thorman cast his most cherished possession, the Amulet of Egreth, from the turrent window, so that none but his granddaughter might have it. The powerful amulet set out to fulfill the wizard's last wish. Being carried by the creatures of Eru's creation, the amulet made its way into the Northlands. Lia unknowingly fulfilled her grandfather’s dying wish when, as a child, she found the amulet.

Sometime during the mid-tenth century (c. 957-966 GUE), Lia, armed with the amulet, and her companions (Dirinthrax, Frobwit the Fair, Ryker, Acia, Gurthark the Stout) were able to defeat Radnor and purge Egreth Castle of all its evils. Immediately when this had been done, the spirit of Thorman the Red-bearded appeared to them in the sky. He passed on his power to Lia through the amulet, and revealed to them that Dirinthrax was the true heir to Duncanthrax and of Egreth. Before departing, he used his powers to restore the crumbling hulk of Egreth Castle to its former glory. The transformation affected even the creatures that dwelled within, setting the night gaunts free of the evil enchantments which Radnor had used to imprison them with.