This strange wandering village of Thriff has, at one time or another, been located in most of the provinces of the Westlands. The small community is currently located at the southern edge of the Miznia Jungle, where its trim white cottages are clustered aorund a central grove of mountain firs, tall and lovingly tended. The Guild Hall and a little chapel grace the streets. At the southern end, a narrow trail winds up into the Mithicus Mountains near a volcano. To the northwest of the city, within the mountains themselves, is a castle belonging to the platypi.

The village, established sometime before the reign of Duncanthrax (660 GUE), did not always wander. Rumor has it that Orkan, once Guildmaster of Thriff's enchanters, constantly moved the town in an attempt to find a more benevolent climate for his terrible hayfever. During the three month period when the space-shifting village was trapped beneath the milk sea, the people of Thriff used a great deal of cheese to thwart starvation. At the beginning of 966 GUE, Thriff was located in Northern Frobozz, almost in uncivilized lands. Orkan recorded in his diary that he moved the village on Jelly 26, 966 just south of the Miznia Jungle (near the base of the Mithicus Mountains) by gating it through the Ethereal Plane of Atrii, because he hated the northern climes they were previoulsy in. The villagers were perplexed by grateful. Here the village probably remained forever, because eighteen days later the Final Conclave of enchanters, of which Orkan was one, helped to bring the Age of Magic to a close, thus putting an end to Thriff's wanderings.

Before the closure of the Age of Magic, a horde of 69,105 Christmas Tree Monsters descended on Thriff village while it rested in Miznia. For a few days the village was protected by magic glyphs designed by the enchanter Orkan, until a nearby volcanic eruption caused by an unknown peasant destroyed not only much of the horde, but also the glyphs. The pine-scented survivors planned to continue their delayed migration into Thriff once the lava had cooled, but that same peasant inscribed a fresh glyph into the cooling magma, thus forever barring their advance.

When Thriff lay in North Frobozz, it was a three day journey south of Capar's Hill and a week north of Borphee.