Cardinal Toolbox was the spiritual guide of the Thriff religious community in the year 966 GUE, where he presided over a humble diocese in a small chapel. The most important event during his time as Cardinal was when Thriff reached its final resting place southwest of the Jungles of Miznia. During these days, Thriff was nearly invaded by a horde of 69,105 migrating Christmas tree monsters, but were halted on Augur 9th when Orkan of Thriff kept them at bay with a Glyph of Warding writ in the snow. The Cardinal knew, however, that it was only a matter of time before the glyph melted and the village be lost, and the monsters knew this as well, patiently waiting.

Orkan of Thriff secretly left for Borphee, leaving Toolbox and the other villagers wondering where he was. The Cardinal went for a period during this dangerous time without any sleep, leading a silent prayer vigil with the rest of the populace in hopes that the monsters would be destroyed by mightier powers. When an unknown peasant removed Orkan's YONKed GIRGOL spell upon a nearby volcano, the spillage of magma consumed  not only much of the horde, but also the glyphs. The pine-scented survivors planned to continue their delayed migration into Thriff once the lava had cooled, but that same peasant inscribed a fresh glyph into the cooling magma, thus forever barring their advance. Cardinal Toolbox recognized this peasant as "the Savior foretold in our eldest legends." He promised anything for the reward of fulfilling the prophecy. Much to the Cardinal's reluctance, the peasant asked for his sacred reliquary, which contained a white hemisphere (half of a scrystone).

Following the peasant's recovery of the Coconut of Quendor, Y'Gael, Grote Clutchcake, Sneffle the Baker, Captain Zahab, and Cardinal Toolbox sailed away with the peasant upon a magnificent galleon. The ship glided away from the wharf of Grubbo-by-the-Sea and high into the sky, held aloft by the planes of sparkling magic. This galleon met a terrible fate in 967 when it was swallowed by the great flying Watchdragon. While some members of the crew survived, the fate of Toolbox is unknown.

Cardinal Toolbox lost his toolbox in the Antharia Caves sometime before the end of the First Age of Magic.