The Tooth of Yoruk is an ancient molar once part of the Skull of Yoruk (his sweet tooth). In 594 GUE, it was separated from its host. The stolen artifact later came into the possession of Nanny Beeble in 723 GUE who used it to bless her cookie dough which once fed to demons would ward them off.

While Bah'ma was one of the mayors of Flatheadia, he sent a call out all across the land for any and all items of great religious significance to be brought to his headquarters to be inspected. One of these objects was the Tooth of Yoruk, which he always carried around with him hoping that it would protect him from the dead rising up and attacking. On one of this daily walks into Fenshire, he accidentally dropped the molar. It came into the possession of at least one of the monsters of the swamp, who wore it around its neck attached to a gold chain. A man with the alias of "Detective Softly" vanquished the monster in order to retrieve the Tooth for the wizards of G.U.E. Tech, who used it to bless their own batch of dough to ward of a particularly troublesome demon at the institution.