A tortle is a fifty-fifty mix of tortoise and turtle with a lifespan measured in eons and the ability to speak in the common dialect of humans. The bodily architecture of a tortle is spectacularly fascinating. Amongst all the two-hundred-and-thirty species of turtles, there is no other animal in the world (except for the kimono dragon) whose protective armor is so stracturally laudable.

Almost always half-in and half-out of the water, the turtle parts prefers to remain submerged, while the tortoise part is more comfortable on dry grounds. The greatest problem involved with the tortle's intrinsic nature is that it is incapable of feeding itself. The tortoise half abhors diving under the water in search of fish, and the turtle half never feels up to scrambling on shore. Many depend on the kindness of strangers to keep alive.

Critics have argued that these claims orginated from the lazy reptiles themselves, who have either fooled themselves, or have deceitfully indulged themselves in a bizarre neurotic joke at the expense of sympathetic strangers to bring them food. For, as modern biologists have concluded, all tortoises belong to the turtle family. Thus, the tortle is quite capable of finding its own food in the water, choosing from a rich and varied array of aquatic plants and animals.

SOURCE(S): The Zork Chronicles