Translumynite is a translucent mineral found deep underground in the 1620s. Coming in many colors, it has similar properties to illumynite but can be made transparent.

In the years following the First Great Diffusion of 1247, the scattered evil magic seeped down into the soil. Deep in the ground, the tiny specks of evil dust began to shift and move. The particles percolated down through the soil, and formed veils, much like gold veins. When they pushed their way into certain rock formations, they produced light. One of these new materials would be called illumynite, while the other, which could be made translucent, would be called translumynite. Both of these geological formations continued to attract the scattered evil magic.

Under the compulsion of Morphius, Canuk engineered the Cliffs of Depression in the 1640s in order ro mine translumynite. This mineral, along with the illumynite stolen by the vultures, was used to build the Citadel of Zork hidden behind the Wall of Illusion for Morphius.