The Treasures of Zork are a well-known part of the story of Zork. In 948 GUE a brave adventurer traveled through the tunnels of the Eastland Underground, and on his way to becoming the second Dungeon Master, one of his tasks to prove his worth was to acquire the Twenty Treasures. It is not quite clear whether the treasures were created by the first Dungeon Master, were all relics of the Great Underground Empire, or the same items as were tossed in Megaboz's cauldron in Flatheadia. Most of these were placed in a trophy case in the White House, or given to the terrible demon of the Wizard of Frobozz. When Ellron returned to his home, he found the Twenty Treasures and  placed an add in the New Zork Times listing them for sale.

There are two lists of treasures that have been uncovered from sources. One list seems to have been a compilation of the treasures found in both the upper lever and middle level of the Dungeon (later given to a demon), while the others divide the two. Despite this, there are still reports of treasures found at different locations as well as some in one list and not the other. Historians have not been unable to satisfactorially reconcile these discrepencies:


01 jewel-encrusted egg
01 jewel-encrusted egg
bird's nest in tree near White House
02 clockwork canary
02 clockwork canary
inside jewel-encrusted egg
03 beautiful painting by Leonardo Flathead
03 beautiful painting
04 beautiful brass bauble
04 beautiful brass bauble
dropped by a canary near the White House
05 pot of gold
05 pot of gold
Aragain Falls: at the end of a rainbow
06 platinum bar
06 platinum bar
Loud Room / Echo Room
07 ivory torch of the endless fire
07 ivory torch
Temple of Zork: Torch Room
08 gold coffin of Ramses II
08 gold coffin
Temple of Zork: Tomb
09 royal scepter of Wurb Flathead
-- -----
inside gold coffin of Ramses II
10 trunk of jewels
09 trunk of jewels
floor of FCD#3 reservoir
11 crystal trident of Poseiden
10 crystal trident of Poseiden
Atlantis Room
12 jade figurine
11 jade figurine
Coal Mine: Bat Room
13 sapphire bracelet
12 sapphire bracelet
Coal Mine: Gas Room
14 huge diamond
13 huge diamond
Coal Mine: made from Frobozz Magic Pressurizer
15 leather bag of coins
14 bag of coins
16 crystal skull of Yoruk 
-- ----
17 jeweled scarab
15 beautiful statue
Sandy Cave
18 large emerald
16 large emerald
Frigid River: inside a red buoy
19 silver chalice
17 silver chalice
Treasure Room of Lucien Kaine
20 ancient map
-- ---
White House, after putting the other treasures into the trophy case.

01 excessively gaudy crown
of Dimwit Flathead

18 gaudy crown
Volcano: Dusty Room
02 delicate gold key
-- -----
from Princess Meliithiel's were-unicorn
03 Stradivarius, a fancy violin
19 Stradivarius, a fancy violin
Carousel Room
04 portrait of
J. Pierpont Flathead

20 portrait of
J. Pierpont Flathead

Bank of Zork: Chairman's Office
05 pearl necklace with
hundreds of large pearls

21 pearl necklace
Pearl Room
06 stack of 200 x 100
zorkmid bills

22 stack of zorkmid bills
Bank of Zork: Vault
07 10,000 zorkmid coin
23 10,000 zorkmid coin
Volcano: Narrow Ledge
08 Flathead Stamp
24 Flathead Stamp
Volcano: Library (inside purple book)
09golden dragon statuette
Dragon's Lair: inside wooden chest
10moby ruby
25moby ruby
Volcano: Lava Room
While both accounts mention the discovery of the three Palantirs, List 1 does not mention them as part of the Treasures of Zork (locations also vary)
--blue crystal sphere
26blue crystal sphere
Dreary Room
--red crystal sphere
27red crystal sphere
Dingy Closet / Sooty Room
--clear crystal sphere
28white crystal sphere
Aquarium Room / Dingy Closet
Treasures only accounted for in List 2
29tin of spices
Pool Room
Grail Room
31gold card
Royal Puzzle
32Don Woods stamp
in free brochure

The large egg encrusted with precious jewels, apparently scavenged somewhere by a childless songbird. The egg was covered with fine gold inlay, and ornamented in lapis lazuli and mother-of-pearl. Unlike most eggs, this one was hinged and was being held closed with a delicate looking clasp. The egg was extremely fragile. The clockwork canary, another Treasure of Zork, was within. The Second Dungeon Master was only able to open this relic with the help of Lucien Kaine.

The clockwork canary had ruby eyes and a silver beak. Through a crystal window below its left wing you can see intricate machinery inside. When wound, it chirped, slightly off-key, an aria from a forgotten opera. This melody allures living songbirds.

The beautiful painting, which depicted an orange-colored hot-air balloon sailing over a wooded area was probably one of the lost works of Leonardo Flathead.

The bag of coins were probably zorkmids.

The golden scepter, studded with huge jewels of every sort: emeralds, rubies, diamonds, sapphires, was discovered by Bivotar and Juranda in a hollow buoy at the base of the Aragain Falls. Later in 948, according to one account, it was found by the Second Dungeon Master in the gold coffin of Ramses II. When waved at the base of a rainbow, rainbows of color leapt from the scepter's point and solidified, making it become as though it were a bridge. Waving the scepter again would return the rainbow to its incorporeal state.