The Treasury of Zork, lying at the core of the Dungeon of Zork in its deepest level, is the ultimate storehouse of the treasures of Zork and the wealth of the Great Underground Empire. Originally guarded by the First Dungeon Master, who was appointed by Megaboz in 883 GUE, the Second Dungeon Master (and presumably each of his successors) inherited this underground chamber in 948 GUE with the title.

The Treasury was not only guarded by the Dungeon Master, but by a series of puzzles and traps, including the Guardians of Zork, and a complicated cell-rotation device. Eight completely seperate cells lined the inside of a narrow tunnel wrapping like a carousel around a large circular parapet. Only one cell could be entered at a time, and had to be ridden from the entrance to the Treasury. The difficulty in this was that controls for the cell rotation were found in a different location, thus the person inside the cell was unable to enter the treasury alone; entry provided the cooperation of at least two individuals, provided that one that manipulated the controls was aware of which position to move the cell to.

The Treasury itself was large room was richly appointed and decorated in a style that bespoke exquisite taste. This trove at one time contained precious jewels, mountains of zorkmids, rare paintings, ancient statuary, and beguiling curios. In one corner of the room a bookcase boasted such volumes as 'The History of the Great Underground Empire,' 'The Lives of the Twelve Flatheads,' 'The Wisdom of the Implementors,' and other informative and inspiring works. On one wall was a completely annotated map of the Great Underground Empire, showing points of interest, the locations of various troves of treasure, and indicating the locations of several superior scenic views. On a desk at the far end of the room were stock certificates representing a controlling interest in FrobozzCo International, the multinational conglomerate and parent company of the Frobozz Magic Boat Co., etc.