The Tree Spirit, 1647 GUE

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The Tree Spirit lives in the depths of the Forest of the Spirits. She is eternal, but the presence of evil near her roots makes her feel mortal and melancholy. She communicates by singing in verse. Most people do not know that trees can only be talked to during the spring and summer months, as they get moody in the autumn. Some of her more adored friends were the Mushroom People.

For many generations the Tree Spirit waited for the one to appear who would save the Valley of the Sparrows. In 1647 GUE, this one came to her, displaying kindness to the Mushroom People, as the voices of her ancestors had spoken. Though she did not know the human at first (who would be later known as the Sweepstakes Winner who defeated Morphius), she shared her embrace and a spell of blessing. When death was upon the Sweepstakes Winner, the human would return to her and she would provide healing for any wounds. But she was only able to help three times and no more.

Although there are many songs of the Tree Spirit, the following eight verses are known as the "Fabled Songs of Singing Tree in the Forest of the Spirits."

    You good soul,
        my friends have brought you to me.
    You must be kind;
        you must be light footed.

    You will not get far
        without our help.

    Beyond the trees will be your task;
        Past fearful form will be your mask.

    The veil of water
        shall be yours also

    Listen to the Woods
        when they whisper.

    In the Whispering Woods,
        the Ferryman answers thee
    Keep one for two ways
        or forever held there be.

    Many things happen in the Forest of the Spirits.
        Be wary

    Nature Conservation is
        your only hope for a future.
    Treat us kindly.