Near the end of the First Age of Magic (966 GUE), Shad Treeskimmer was a spritely fat little old man with beet-red cheeks and a thin gray-white beard that reached to his belly. Shad was a master of IZYUK and other new, improved flying spells. While this master of the Thriff Guild of Enchanters loved the appearance of roses (which were present in his FILFRE spells), his allergies prevented him from even daring to get close to a real one.

In response to the encroaching evil caused by the Great Terror, Shad set out by boat with the Great Shuboz Shuboz, Khare the Watcher, Isthur Glee, Grimbol the Great, Raskil Worrysnot, and Finister to find Anesi who was living near Caper's Hill. These wizards believed that his youth would be the greatest advantage against the Great Terror, for he still had his innocence and would not be tempted to evil like most others.

Shad Treeskimmer was the one who presented Anesi with the IZYUK spell and instructed the young enchanter in its basics. With the rest of the wizards, Shad Treeskimmer took care of Mildi and Choboz while their son was gone on the quest, and after Anesi returned, was willing to stay around for as long as was needed.