In 1066 GUE, after being relieved by Earl at the Port Foozle Inquisition Gift Kiosk, an unknown Private, Seventh Class, in the Inquisition Guard returned to the Headquarters of Frobozz Electric. Gesticulating in front of the Guard was the Pastor of Disaster, the Minister of Sinister, the Grand Inquisitor. Because the other Inquisition Guard heroes were indisposed, the Grand Inquisitor sent this Guard on a very special mission to research a heretofore undiscovered area of the Great Underground Empire near Port Foozle. This was the region of the lost Cultural Complex, originally built in the days of Dimwit Flathead and expanded by later successors. Coincidentally, the annual Grue Convention was taking place at the complex then.

Upon entering, the cavern collapsed, temporarily trapping the Inquisition Guard within. After being one of the only men to see a grue and live, infiltrating the convention, speaking with two of the Implementors (Marc Blank and Mike Berlyn), and leading a train of mutant rat-ants to reopen the tunnel to the surface, the minion escaped. The Grand Inquisitor and Wartle welcomed the Inquisition Guard. The minion received a half day off for the exemplary work.