The Valhalla Hilton is one of the most popular hotels in the Ethereal Planes. No matter what time of the year it was, the region was cold and gray and blustery, yet it had a spartan, cold elegance.

Every day the Valhalla Hilton accommodated pseudo-gods (including the semi-super, lower-level types). They served wizards, witches, elves, trolls, dwarves, demons, spirits, every sort of magical or supernatural creature--pagans and heathens, heretics, the good, the bad, and the ones who could maybe do something with their hair. In fact, the Valhalla Hilton serves supernatural beings mere mortals are not even to put a name to. And on top of everything else, each one of these pseudo-gods or supernatural beings assumes he would be able to carry on his regular and often obscene rites in his own room at the Hilton, or in one of the functon rooms. They also expect the hotel to supply whatever weird, unreal, or merely rare item might be needed at any moment. Blood was a cinch for them. They had vampires calling down at all hours of the night for it.

The location of the annual Joseph Campbell Awards since its origins long before Entharion the Wise, alternated between the Valhalla Hilton and the Elysian Fields.

Each room in the Hilton came with the following warning:
    "In case of fire, do not panic. After all, you may be invulnerable. If after several minutes you discover that you are in fact beginning to burn, you may exercise any of several options. First, this may be only Magic Fire, in which case you will only fall asleep for centuries and centuries and be awakened with a kiss. The management of this hotel makes no guarantee that the fire you encounter will be of this variety. Second, the fire may actually be Zeus or Marduk or one of the truly major personages who frequently accept the amenities of this hotel, and they may be merely attempting to seduce you in their typically obscure way. In such a situation, your response is best left up to your own moral posture. However — and this point cannot be stressed too highly — it may indeed be that the fire is just regular old fire and that you are in serious danger of dying in a horrible conflagration. Our advice to you in this third scenario is: Don't. Escape will seem like the most profitable course of action, even to the dullest-witted."