Vengrallior, an aged sorcerer from a long and ancient line of sorcerers, had the power to resurrect armies of the dead and create entire oceans overnight. He was one of the many who was banished from the Land of Frobozz by Lord Dimwit Flathead in the mid-eighth century. He sought isolation in a tiny cabin at the edge of a small stream that winds its way among the foothills at the base of the Flathead Mountains. Though the reasons are unknown, the evil warlock Malifestro was the cause of his exile in the reign of Dimwit Flathead, and thus remained his mortal enemy. Vengrallior would not rest until he was destroyed.

In the beginning of the tenth century, Vengrallior was a man with gray, straggly hair. Anyone who looked into his eyes, found that his gaze soaked the very strength from their bones. And while his powers were not what they used to be, he aided Bivotar and Juranda on their quest to rescue Syovar the Strong from Malifestro by granting them a prophecy and advice:

        Turn not away from the one-eyed beast,
        and pass ye through the gates of despair.

By guiding Bivotar and Juranda with these words, he played a role in the imprisonment of Malifestro.