Venusnv, named after one of the pseudo-gods, is the second planet from the sun in the planetary model. In brogmoidism, it is the upon this planet which the great brogmoid which bears Zork up upons its shoulders is said to stand. Those few who have ventured to the surface of Venusnv and returned bring tales of the strange land: purple forests surrounding lakes of molten rock, volcanoes belching green-blue smoke into the sky, enormous slug-shaped creatures (a bloit long) engaging in fierce combat. Due to the possibly similiarites between these descriptions and those of the location where the Dark Cube of Foundation was recovered from in 966, some speculate the the region where the living rocks reside is Venusnv.

In alchemy, Venusnv is the symbol of sensual pleasure and sensitivity to human motivations.

A piece of artwork entitled: The Birth of Venusnv was found in the Frigid River Branch Conservatory (949 GUE)