One of the first excessive underground projects of Lord Dimwit Flathead was the hollowing out of at least one volcano. Proposed to Lord Feepness during an inspection of the Royal Museum in 776 GUE, the Frobozz Magic Cave Company moved to increase its staff even more to prepare for the well-publicized project. Under the management of foreman Mumboz Agrippa, the Frobozz Magic Cave Company quenched and then hollowed out a 500 foot tall volcano (with a rim of 15 feet across) west of Flatheadia. The project was conducted sometime between the years 778~9 under very tight security and Dimwit personally reviewed the plans at each stage.

Because of the theft of the royal ring in 776, Dimwit Flathead distrusted museum security enough to place his prized possession, an incredibly gaudy crown, within a locked safe in the mighty volcano once it was finished. Other rooms installed within, included the official library for the royal family.

Like the rest of Flatheadia, the volcano was abandoned by Curse Day of 883 GUE and quickly fell into disrepair. All of the shelves of the library were gnawed to pieces by unfriendly gnomes and the books within destroyed or robbed, although the crown (and a rare Flathead stamp) would not be removed until 948 when the Second Dungeon Master would obtain them. In the process one of the rooms, constructed over weak strata, collapsed, but was later restored by Morgrom the Essence of Evil (before 966). Other relics within the volcano included at least two Frobozz Magic Balloons, one of which was used and removed by Bivotar and Juranda, and another which was used by the First Dungeon Master and then later by Glorian of the Knowledge and his companions.

At the center of the volcano's floor lies a pool of clear water. Due to the column of nurturing light descending from the spout in its bowels, this pool has since been surrounded by small shrubs and ferns, and a handful of tall, arching palm trees.