The phoniest, sleaziest, slimiest sylphidine in creation was Narlinia von Glech, whose commonplace name was Princess Dawn des Malalondes. There had always been fools and tricksters and downright villains in the Supernatural and Fantastic Wayfayers Association, and she was one of them.

Narlinia won the annual Joseph Campbell Award for Best Semi-Actual Persona during the same year of Glorian of the Knowledge's tenth nomination. Her father had previously passed away, but she wished that he had lived to see the day that she held the award. She was also nomiated the following year, but was instead beaten by Glorian.

When supernatural being, Morgrom, had taken up the title of File Restorer, this evil mastermind wished to obtain the Golden Dipped Switch for his time machine so he could replace Dimwit Flathead on the throne to avert the curse that was placed on the Empire. Narlinia became his accomplice for this task. She was almost always at his side when they wished to manipulate Mirakles and Glorian of the Knowledge to search out the entire Underground Empire for the Golden Dipped Switch for them.

She encountered the party of Glorian and Mirakles three times during their quest in the Dungeon of Zork. The first time was when Morgrom unleased Shugreth the Unenviable at the Dome Room. Her second brief appearance was when Glorian and Spike returned from Hades with the body of Mirakles. And the third time was in the Bank of Zork, when Narlinia attempted to seduce Mirakles to marry her instead of Princess Melithiel. Mirakles overcome this temptation and she did not further encounter the party at Morgrom's side from that point onward.

Narlinia's exact reason for associating with Morgrom, and why she did not continue at his side until the end are a mystery.

Like many supernatural beings, Narlinia could change her physical appearance and instantly disappear in a cold cloud of noxious vapor. The following is a list of known appearances of Narlinia von Glech: