Violet Voss was in charge of the Festeron Town Library, and curator of the Festeron Historical Museum (in the library) for many years. She began this career sometime before 1063 and continued beyond 1157. In the mid-eleventh century, the return of magic brought startling changes all over the world, even reaching to Antharia and the Misty Island near Festeron. Seeking interest in the stone Wishbringer that was discovered on the Misty Island in that era, Violet Voss was prompted to author "The Legend of Wishbringer" (circa before 1063 GUE). This book was part of the best-selling "Local History Series" of booklets. When written, Voss was uncertain if the legend was about humans or platypuses, but it was later confirmed to be about the second; thus many of the book’s illustrations depict a mixture of the two races.

Violet lived to see the transformation of Festeron into Witchville by The Evil One in 1157 GUE. During these days, she lived in a tidy, happy-looking cottage at the southern end of Festeron Village naer Post Office Hill where she horded a great deal of books. Her only permanent companion was an incessant, pet poodle, Alexis.

Though sometimes wearing a bright friendly smile, Miss Voss was shrewishly sour, acted like she owned the world, and a servant of Gladys. Romantically involved with "Corky" Crisp, another minion of The Evil One, the two villians were unable to culminate their passions in the pure Festeron atmosphere. Thus they desperately hoped for Gladys' capture of Wishbringer to ensure that the eternity of the Witchville curse, where they would be free to commingle with each other without restrictions.

Sweetness and light could not exist in Witchville. Since Librarian Voss was already wicked in Festeron, she would only be more so in under the curse. It was only when the island had been turned to Witchville that she could allow her natural proclivities to reign free. With her, nastiness became an art.

The post office deliveries were schemes instigated br Mr. Crisp on behalf of Violet Voss (both who were acting in harmony with Gladys), hoping that each Witchville night the postman would be a failure and finally The Evil One would gain possession of her the stone. Frequently paired with her lover on Witchville nights to impede the current postal worker, she also operated The Witchvile's (the local theater) ticket booth. Together, Crisp and Voss were rarely successful at apprehending the current postman, most slipping through fingers that were more interesting in caressing one another than torturing their victims.

Voss played a role of significance that was actually an aid to the original postal worker. The afternoon prior to the first Witchville curse, she asked a favor for that mailman to deliver a personal note to Mr. Crisp. The delivery of this letter was halted because of the dawn of Witchville. It was only when that postal worker had raided Gladys' tower, was captured by Mr. Crisp along with Princess Tasmania, and sentenced to torture, that the letter was delivered. Mr. Crisp. Realizing that he was late for his appointment with Voss, Crisp departed without finishing his torture task, thus the postal worker and princess were able to free themselves. This was yet another evil plan foiled because of the unrestrained passion between the two villians.

Even when she was well over a century old, her body did not fade away at the rate of normal humans, and Mr. Crisp certainly did not have a problem with her countenance. Though her once kindly features grew hard with cynicism during the curse, it was only the postmaster who was able to rob her of her usual frown. During the reign of Simon, she would slip into her daring scarlet gown with its tight bodice and plunging neckline that emphasized her ample cleavage, its full, flared skirt and three-quarter sleeves. Her long, ebony tresses would be pulled back behind her head and caught within caught within the simple golden clasp, which was matched by the plain elegance of the large gold hoops she wore in either ear, earrings that gave her delicate, moon-shaped face a sense of mystery. Her thin mouth was fitted with perfectly full, red lips. Her dainty feet were set in elegant black open-toed heels that added three inches to her height and gave her legs the sleekness and contour of a gazelle in full flight. Long, tapered fingers were capped by fashion nails. This attire, especially the frilly, red taffeta gown, were more than enough to overwhelm Mr. Crisp, striking him helpless before her, until he would be forced by a power greater than intellect to rain kisses upon her. She also commonly prepared fresh oatmeal cookies for him.