Hugh, Int. node 1
     Hugh's heart (A)
     Hugh, Interior Chest (concept art) (A)

     Hugh penetrates Jack's Speakeasy, 931 GUE (A)
     Hugh arrives at Dragon Archipelago (A)

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     Hugh from Jail to Flathead Mesa (A) / (B) / (C)
     Hugh at Flathead Mesa (A) / (B)


Walking castles, which start out small at birth, make good household pets when domesticated. But tremendous growth spurts will make their owners quickly start keeping them outside. These creatures consist of a trunk, which is the castle portion, set upon two legs. The innards, which are completely enterable, are complete with beating heart and ventricles. Tips for observing walking castles in the wild has been compiling into "Castle Watching: A Field Guide."

KINGDOM: Quendoran
REGION: Eastlands/Rural Coastal
CLASS: Zork Gothic/Zooooo
GENDER: Indeterminate/Single
GENUS: Biped Fortified Architectailia

A member of the "Hugh" species of walking castle was in ownership of Dalboz of Gurth prior to the meridian of the eleventh century. When young, he noted that, "Hugh seems very shy, almost nervous, really. Won't let his (???) drawbridge down for a moment. And his moat is looking a bit yellow. I'm beginning to doubt he can be domesticated at all." It is unknown exactly how long it takes for a castle to grow to full-size, but after being away from his home for 19 years, Dalboz commented, "He sure has grown. I'm glad I started keeping him outside." Shy, and possibly detesting AFGNCAAP, this "Hugh" was only tamed by the SNAVIG spell. Somehow harnessing the powers of the castle, AFGNCAAP used the walking castle to recover the three artifacts of magic that were capable of restoring magic to all of Zork in 1067. To do this, "Hugh" was unexplainably able to use the time tunnels to arrive at the exact location of each specific relic once it was found and each of the three were stored within its bowels. When AFGNCAAP and Antharia Jack were imprisoned in the Port Foozle jail, "Hugh" penetrated the walls with his drawbridge and set them free, carrying them and the artifacts to the Flathead Mesa were they were aligned to bring about the return of magic.