Wall of Illusion shattered, 1647 GUE

    Wall of Illusion (art)


A Wall of Illusion is literally a magically created wall which is an illusion. The most common use is covering an open entrace, like a doorway or cave with an illusion of the surrounding material. These nearly impenetrable walls have one advantage over normal illusions, they take on a solidified form. Thus those attempting to pass through one such illusion will find it to be such as durable as any other wall. The only way to scatter a wall of illusion is using a Flying Disc of Frobozz. Some wizards used to erect walls of illusion to throw discs at them just to see them crumble.

There are two historical instances where Walls of Illusion made a potent impact. A decoy Wall of Illusion was erected in 1247 as part of the First Great Diffusion, where the practitioners of evil were deceived into believing that the good wizards were intending to hide all of the magic behind. These evil minions were able to savage a single Flying Disc of Frobozz through the diaster, while all the others were destroyed in the Great Diffusion along with the decoy wall.

In the seventeenth century, the evil Morphius protected his Citadel of Zork behind one of these walls. An unknown Sweepstakes Winner was able to reforge the last remaining Flying Disc of Frobozz. It was used to shatter the Wall of Illusion and gain entrance to the Citadel.