The small wand producer, Fisha, specilized in the making of wands of inanimation that worked only upon living creatures. The effects of this wand included inanimation, as well as additionally transforming certain animals temporarily into various other still objects. The length of effects of the wand upon its subject varied based on the make of the wand, for example, one model had a 16 minute time-limit. Mirror Lake revealed the magic properities behind this wand--its reflection was unnaturally still; more frozen than even the arctic landscape of the Gray Mountains.

This is a partial known listing of how this wand effects certain objects:
Bedbug transformation: small armored tank
Camel transformation: garnished merry-go.round fixture complete with honky-tonk music
Flamingo transformation: lawn ornament
Fox transformation: fox stole
Human stone
Lobster transformation: nutcracker
Snake transformation: heavy rope
Starfish transformation: star
Toad, Giant stone
Unicorn inanimation
Worm transformation: piece of rubber