The Wizard of Ag lived along the Gurth Woodland Trail in a rundown shack (which in the time of the Great Monster Uprising had not only seen better days, but better decades: its roof was checkered with holes while the door hung off its hinges) hidden away in secret seclusion. During those days, he was described as a tall, thin wizard with a ragged beard with "Wizard" stitched into his hat.

It is rumored that the Wizard of Ag has some correlation to the Wizard of Froon.

The known event of this wizard's career, involved a Port Foozle drunk. The Drunk used to come to visit the Wizard of Ag and scare bears for him in exchange for hang-over cures. One day during the Great Monster Uprising, the Wizard of Ag was invited to a certain gala event at the Casino in Port Foozle to celebrate the opening of a pathway into some dimensions made entirely out of granola.Taking his best set of enchanted poker chips and rigged dice, along with his best nose, he left his assistant, a talking raven, in charge to make sure that nothing wandered into the house and stole the jar of spare eyeballs while he was away.

At the Casino, the wizards, along with the most famous Grand Wizard, gathered for the gala wizard event, with all with all the accompanying light show, fireworks, and tuxedo-wearing ice elementals serving drinks. His celebrating was interrupted when The Drunk, who was in need of a new liver, arrived along with three others ("Detective Softly", an unlucky lucksucker, and an unintimidating kobold). The Wizard was willing to help the three, but, since he was unable to simply pull the stuff out of his hat, sent them on a quest to find the spines of one of the few plants that grew near the edge of the world (Kovalli Desert), and then acquire him one of the exquisite baskets made by the crabs of Crab Island.

While the quartet sought the two items, the Grand Wizard, intoxicated with too much fermented dreamscape, set fire to the hall, forcing all the other wizards to depart. The Wizard of Ag returned home, where the quartet finally tracked him down. When they handed over the two items, he assisted them.

To the lucksucker he gave the following advice: "Do the opposite of what you think you should do! If you have a really good hunch, ignore it." And to the kobold: "Buy yourself a huge axe. You'll find that that does the snarling for you, I think." And the Drunk was given a new liver. Unfortunately, upon his recovery from surgery, the Drunk thanked the Wizard by stealing the Ruby Boots of Ag from the hut, tossed them to "Detective Softly" and then made a run for the woods. As far as is known, the Wizard of Ag was never able to recover his lost boots.


SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork