Zoe Wolfe was born in Frostham on Mumberbur 14, 900 GUE. When she was first received as a patient into the Gray Mountains Asylum, she was suffering from chronic delusions and phantoms. Her medicial records stated that prior to her admission, she was infected with "Ocular Gyrocrisis" resulting in chronic mental imbalance. She had no previous magical condition, but previous surgeries included preparatory "Uterine Zapraoscopy". She had been taking Prozork, Zithium and Dizorkpan and was allergic to platypus mites.

In 925 GUE, Erasmus Sartorius sought the perfect host for his experiment:

The quintessence can only be obtained through blood. Pure blood. This person must be pure of heart, pure of spirit, conceived in purity, conceived when the sun and moon are aligned as one.

After conduction several phrenological examinations of his patients, Sartorius decided that Zoe was the one. At that time, she had filthy, matted hair, a smudged face, a mud-caked body, paranoid eyes, but was gorgeous. She wore a locket. The doctor wrote to his partners:

I have found the perfect specimen. On the day of the solar eclipse we will be ready. Kaine has volunteered to assist in the conception.

Zoe Wolfe was taken into the Surgical Theater on the 20th Level of the Asylum with Francois Malveaux. Although Sartorius claimed that Kaine had volunteered to assist in the conception, it does not appear that he was able to attend.

Zoe weakly protested, grieved and convicted, “Please, I can’t. It’s…a sin. It’s wrong.”
    Malveaux was comforting. “Never. Your child will be conceived in purity.”
    “Miraculously. Divinely. And the child? Her destiny will be great.”
    Zoe began to clam as Malveaux’s words worked their soothing magic.
    “Yes,” he continued. “And your name will be blessed, for bringing this child to the Great Empire.”
    Sartorius turned towards the table, holding a syringe, prepared for the artificial insemination. Malveaux, barely able to repress a wince, spoke softly to her, “It’s time.”
    Zoe saw what was coming, but her trust in Malveaux was strong. Summoning up her courage, she laid down. Sartorius stepped forward with the nasty syringe.
    “Relax, dear,” Sartorius spoke calmly and prepared for his injection into her belly.

It is uncertain if Sartorius had sexual relations with Zoe Wolfe and impregnated her prior to the syringe injection, or if it was the medical techniques alone that injected some sort of purified sperm into an unfertilized egg already present. Regardless, Sartorius used a special technique to ensure that this child would be the perfect specimen for their alchemical ritual.

Zoe Wolfe gave birth to her child, Alexandria, in 925, under the "pefect connection of stars and moon" as the alchemists had planned. Zoe later died soon afterward under mysterious circumstances at the age of 25; it was later confirmed that Sartorius had murdered her. However, her file in the Asylum listed below "obstetrical subject, implant successful" that she had died of natural causes. Zoe's locket was passed on to her daughter.