Gustar Woomax, known as the Chronicler of Magic, was born in Greater Borphee in 880 GUE, Gustar Woomax attended G.U.E. Tech from 907 to 911 GUE. His Double Fanucci handicap is 620, and his favorite saying is: "If history can teach us the difference between good and bad magic, it can teach us anything." He has no known greatest skill.

He became the author of a great number of books in the ninth and tenth centuries GUE. The fact that his favorite author was Bizboz probably inspired his writing on magic and history, which include "A Brief History of Magic", "Bizboz at Galepath", "Mage versus Archmage", "Revenge of the Dornbeasts", "The Granola Riots" (co-authored by Wilbar Memboob), and "The Coconut of Quendor: Reality or Illusion?"

At least one of these works, one of of the most celebrated of the brief histories of magic: "A Brief History of Magic", was published in Popular Enchanting magazine, in the year 927 GUE. In the book, Woomax not only described the four ages of Magic, but the three types of magic, High Magic (spells of creation), Middle Magic (spells of illumination), and Deep Magic (spells of transmutation). He also wrote about the Enchanter of that day.

Gustar Woomax, the leading chronicle of Coconut lore and the author of the definitive scroll on the Coconut of Quendor, was one of the privileged few who was present at the Final Conclave of Guildmasters on Augur 14, 966 GUE at the Council Chamber of the ancient Guild Hall at Borphee to display the failure of magic (which unbeknownst to them had been caused by the Shadow of the Head of the Circle). The course of this discussion was interrupted when the Shadow enterred the Hall and turned everyone except his human counterpart into various amphibious creatures. Woomax was transformed into a salamander. This sent the Head of the Circle venturing out into the world to seek some answers.

While the leader of the Circle of Enchanters was seeking the mystery of the Shadow and the Cubes of Foundation, Y’Gael arrived at the Borphee Guild Hall to find all of the other masters in their amphibian forms. Using her powers, she was able to restore communication between them all with NITFOL. In the face of this situation, the newly-created newts and toads convened for one final fateful time. They quickly realized that the First Age of Magic was coming to a close. The sorcerers knew that they would not live to see the day when magic would again hold sway over Quendor. But, they had a plan to ensure that their vast and ancient knowledge was not lost through the erosion of time. The sorceress Y’Gael suggested using the Coconut of Quendor as a container in which to preserve all of the knowledge of magic for a later age, beyond the Age of Science. She was determined to reclaim it from the Implementors and hide it away before its secrets were forgotten. Despite his familiarity with Coconut lore, Woomax was skeptical of Y'Gael's plan involving the Coconut, due to the sheer improbability of the plan's success. Nonetheless, the Enchanters decided to dispatch an innocent adventer, and a local peasant was soon sent on the dangerous task of finding the Coconut of Quendor.