Xina was the leader of the fairies that lived on a mesa north of the Bor River, which were part of a sacred and magical fairy council circle. The fairies slept during the daylight hours and were watched over by both a lum ox and Keeto the bird. While asleep, they have the appearance of a mushroom, and are known as gumpwort fungus. The head of the fungus are their wings and the stump their bodies.

In c. 957-966 GUE, Ryker, seeking the gumpwort fungus to cure Acia's poisoned condition, defeated the lum ox and ignorantly ripped off the head of the mushroom, unaware that they were the wings of one of the fairies, Fripp. When the day turned to dusk, Xina and the winged fairies left to find the fiend who defeated their guardian. She was determined to take his soul and set it spinning forever in the void.

IMAGE01: Ryker looks at the mesa
IMAGE02: Lum Ox guards the fairies in fungus form
IMAGE03: Lum Ox falls off mesa
IMAGE04: Ryker picks a Fripp in fungus form
IMAGE05: Fairies transform