Yipple Rebellion: Stage II
              Yipple Rebellion: Stage III
              Yipple Rebellion: Stage IV


In 466 GUE, the entire city of Galepath was infested by a rebellion of yipples much larger and more powerful than those described in the Sorcerer packaging (of whose text is included in the 'Yipple' entry of this encyclopedia). This calamity prevented Galepath from providing reinforcements at the command of Harmonious Fzort to free the zucchini route through Znurg to the coast.

Dundor lead the armies of Vriminax against Galepath to free the city from the infestation. Faced with heavy fortifications, Dundor of Vriminax ordered his cavalry to advance up the far side of the river. Although the river was too dangerous to ford, Dundor built a bridge under darkness. The yipples were taken completely by surprise as the cavalry was no longer held back by the torrential waters. Thus Dundor bravely crushed the yipples, quashing the rebellion. This great and early battle of the Empire became known as the Yipple Rebellion. A side-effect of this victory was that flesh balls became known as an absolute “faux pas,” instead being replaced with flesh strips in cream-cheese, spread over delicate wafers.