An evil sorceress whose collection of gems and minerals was without compare. At one time she owned the Crocodile's Tear, which she protected from thieves by hiding it in the Miznia Jungle to be guarded by bloodworms and whatever traps the sorceress laid to confound the unwary. Survivors of the jungle came back to report that the Crocodile's Tear rested on a large idol's face, just below one eye.

This idol, possibly a construction of Y'Syska, but more likely a remnant of a forgotten religion, was a crocodile in the shape and size of a subway train, not counting the limbs and tail. Its maw hung wide open with the lower jaw touching the ground to form an inclined walkway lined with rows of stone teeth. The stone jaw, when stood upon, lurched like one standing on a seesaw. Anyone wishing to steal Y'Syska's jewel would have to climb the idol without sliding into its mouth, and becoming trapped. The same peasant who recovered the Coconut of Quendor in 966 GUE also successfully stole the Crocodile's Tear by luring a mother hungus to stand at one end of the jaw. The weighty hungus was easily able to keep the far end of the seesaw raised high while the light-weight peasant reached up to grab the tear. The interior long, low chamber of the idol was shaped much like the gizzard of a crocodile, with no non-magical method of escape.

Y'Syska's final fate is unknown, but her castle, now known as the "Lost Castle of Y'Syska" has been discovered near the Miznia Jungle.