Zazzimano was a wizard who lived before and/or during the Great Monster Uprising. He borrowed the book entitled "Wizipedia: A Guide to Ruinous Runes" from his friend Farthingazz for some light holiday reading on his trip to the White Cliffs Beach, but never told him where he was going.

While there, Zazzimano wrote Farthingazz ("Halfwits Chic Beef" is an anagram of "White Cliffs Beach"):

Ah, it’s so great to get away from all the bustle of home! Really enjoying the book, such fun to surround the deck chair with dark symbols and then listen to the monsters explode when they try to creep up behind me. You must come to visit some time! I’m sure that I mentioned where I was going to you before, but if not just get some of Halfwits Chic Beef, and you’ll know exactly where to find me. See you soon,


Unfortunately Zazzimano never returned, for he had an abundance of fun with his exploding runes, right up until  he got one slightly wrong. Whatever crept up behind him did not so much "blow up into pieces" as "blew up to ten times its original size", and then seemed to have stepped on him.

During the Great Monster Uprising, a man by the alias of "Detective Softly" discovered the debris of smashed deckchairs and half-buried drinks coolers, but most importantly, Farthingazz's "Wizipedia: A Guide to Ruinous Runes" which he promptly returned to him.