It was from the great halls of Galepath that the renowned professor Antor Zilbarion delivered his famous lectures on the creation of the universe, the early years of the kingdom, and the reason for the existence of broccoli. Zilbarion, of course, was only one example of all that made Galepath University the place that it was. In 398 GUE, Professor Zilbarion had Bizboz as a student.

Antor Zilbarion, the main proponent of the Pretender-King Theory, noted in his book “Lord Kwisko, Pretender” (published circa 375) that much of the surviving epic oral poems on Kwisko originated in a very narrow geographic area covering only the Mauldwood and the plains stretching from that forest to Borphee proper. Other books published by this professor include, "Manifestations of Eru and His Implementors" (386 GUE).