Zilbo Throckrod II was the sixth king of the Entharion Dynasty. He came to the throne in 429 GUE, after Bozbo Throckrod I, and ruled the kingdom with a prosperous and relatively uneventful reign for 22 years, save one important phenomena.

By the time the 430s and 440s had come to pass, all of Quendor was caught in the grips of a Peggleboz frenzy, peggleboz championships and pick-up games often becoming the cause of spontaneous rioting, looting, and civil disturbances of all kinds. Elections and governmental appointments were settled over the peg board, and even a series of emissaries from the northlands to the court of Zilbo II was forced to sit through a round of formal competition before being allowed to depart. A formal league had been formed with the aim of holding annual all-Quendoran championships, and Gustav Peggleboz (the game's creator), winner year after shocking year, soon came to be seen as the most powerful and important man in all of Quendor outside of the royal family itself.

In 451 GUE, Zilbo II finally passed away. His younger brother Bozbo was still alive, and more than willing to take the throne. Matters were complicated somewhat by the existence of Zilbo's daughter and only child, the Princess Arathena. Although no woman had ever ascended to the throne of Quendor, Zilbo himself had made no clear plans for who was to succeed him, and the princess herself had married into the Fzort clan, a powerful family that had been at the center of court intrigues since the time of Zylon the Aged. Harmonious Fzort, himself nothing more than a one-time royal advisor and grandson of Gladius Fzort, proceeded to claim the throne for himself on behalf of his young bride, Arathena. (for more details, see the entries "Bozbo Throckrod II" and "Harmonious Fzort")