The Zizbit Spell Book was one of a few relics of the mysterious cult of sorcerers known as the Zizbits which survived the 396 BE sacking of Pheebor. Its pages told of the prophecy of the Triax and the signs of its fulfillment. Also within, were several powerful spells, including the "Protective Circle Undo Spell" which had the power to remove the ward which guarded the sacred Temple of the Zizbits in Pheebor, and the "Arc Spell" which was an essential component in the construction of the Triax.

Over the years, this spell book was passed on to Althea by her Zizbit ancestors In the mid-tenth century (c. 957-966 GUE), this book was stolen by the witch Moog, who used it both to break the magic circle around the ruins of Pheebor and to fulfill the prophecy of the Triax and begin the reign of The Eternal Night.

The prophecy of the Triax, as written in the Zizbit spell book:

Six eyes and six hands for the Triax,
Inscribing the arc spell in the sand.
The runes foretell the fate of Quendor:
A reign of darkness upon the land.
Two eyes, two hands have mother’s form,
Two hands and eyes were backwards born.
The last pair for one skilled in sorcery,
Who, imprisoned by mage, by that mage is set free.
When these three twos join at Phee and Bor,
The Triax will rule from shore to shore.

In crystal ball, magician trapped
Avoids for now intended death.
His vile soul at random spills,
And taints the air with dire breath.
Seven spills of power, then all is sapped.
Seven bursts count the fatal trend.
For if not yet freed from his prison –
The mage then meets his end.