A zombie is a corpse that had been reanimated with the wiles of magic. Since zombies are already dead, there is no way to kill them, but there are techniques used to render them immoble or ineffective. One of the most popular techniques includes decapitation; this causes the undead creature to wander around helplessly like the blind. But even with heads firmly attached, they tend to do little more than shuffle around stuffly and stupidly, making only the most clumsy of attacks with whatever liftable object is in the vicinity. Their strength comes solely in their mere numbers, which can be overwhelmingly dangerous.

These creatures may be captured forever in a terrible undeath, but they put in an honest day's work nonetheless, laboring long hours with whatever is their assignment. Though clumsy and stupid, they are known to be nearly one-hundred percent obedient to their master. Therefore, zombies have been connjured for a majority of reasons, ranging from inexpensive workmen to guardians to soldiers. Some zombies have grown a fond attachment to their masters, thus when the master is threatened, they grow muderously angry and seek to eliminate all enemies without fear. The only downfall to the ownership of a zombie is the continual moaning, groaning and heartrending weeping which may be disturbing to some, but given some time, one may come to enjoy the ambience.

Some zombies have been separating from their masters, and roam the countryside. Adventurers are warned to keep their distance from these autonomous apparations, as they will not allow anything to stop them from finding their lost master.

Skeletons do seem to have relatively cordial relations with zombies. Both can often be seen working together to attack adventurers (or mourners) in cemeteries.

Zombies are members of the Supernatural and Fantastic Wayfarers Association.

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