ZORK (2)

Zork, a name so old that its very origin and meaning has been lost beneath the ages, is the ancient name for the kingdom that Syovar wished to unite, all of the nations of the entire world into one peaceful nation.

The first region included in this kingdom was the Aragain Province, which Syovar was able to preserve from collapsing into total barbarism shortly after the collapse of the Empire (Curse Day of 883 GUE). The Conference of Quendor, held in the Northlands city of Quendor at the beginning of the tenth century, saw almost the full completion of Syovar's dream as almost all nations were united under one banner. But,  as so much of Syovar's dynamic power stemmed from his magical ability, the failure of magic in 966 was a crushing blow to the old king. From that point onward, his Kingdom of Zork faded out into oblivion. (see the entry on Syovar the Strong for more information)