ZORK (3)

Zork is a classic folk myth about a treasure-hunting adventurer who became a master of magic. It has been translated into novels, theatricals, films, giant wall murals... almost every imaginable medium. Like most myths, Zork has its basis in reality. In 948 an unknown adventurer near the former sight of Flatheadia ventured underground, claimed the Twenty Treasures of Zork, defeated the Wizard of Frobozz, and became the second Dungeon Master.

Some storytellers whisper that this moment was the fruition of the entire course of history. The ancient folk myths, some perhaps as old as Zork itself, had foretold of a treasure-hunting adventurer who would become a master of the magical arts, and rule throughout the deepest reaches of the underground. These prophecies, and even the very name of Zork, had been revered by all for untold generations. Many people believed that the completion of these prophecies and the dawning of the Age of Zork would usher in a new era of peace, prosperity, and happiness for the people of the Great Underground Empire. Unfortunately, with an exception of the appointment of his successor in 966, there are only minor mentions of this mysterious personage. However, several byproducts of his expedition quickly made their way into the New Zork Times classifies later that year.

Great Underground Adventure III, released in 981 GUE, starring Antharia Jack, detailed this popular classic folk myth.